Life in Abundace: The Fallacy of Scarcity



living in abundance


     Raise your hand if you've ever been heart broken. I'm seeing a couple #NSA JK! Seriously, I have and it sucks. The thought that she was perfect for me and no woman would ever make me feel like she did. The goofy laughs the up all night talks. Yeah I know the feeling.

     How about not knowing where your next dollar was coming from or how you were going to pay the bills. Where there is way too much month left and way too little money. I'm not giving that homeless person this last $5 I need food! (Or Starbucks) I'm pretty sure the show Hoarders entire focus is on nothing but people who operate on the idea of scarcity. There is just not enough in the world I can get my hands on and if I throw away this porcelain doll that's hidden in this pile of "treasure" then some how I'm missing out or less than.  That's just a few off the top of my head, there are countless other ways the scarcity mindset manifests in people's lives.

     Here is the truth about having the scarcity mindset that you may not have thought about. Its fucking stressful!! Pining over lost love, thinking every dollar you have is going to be the last dollar you are ever going to get your hands on. And geez I need a Xanax if I pass over Hoarders on my cable guide.  Having the scarcity mindset is one of the best ways to rob yourself of peace there is.

     Here's the thing though, the very fact that you are reading this post means you are doing better than over half the worlds population. That is no small thing. Now I realize that the stress and fear of not having enough is very real to a lot of people and I don't mean in any way to dismiss that. So here are a few quick tips to over come that bastard Scarcity Mindset.

  • Be thankful: Know that you are valuable all on your own. The breath you breathe, the talent and love within you are worth more than all the money and stuff that money can buy. Realize that there are billions of other people that would give a whole hell of a lot to be in your shoes, because they may not have any.
  • Follow your passion: If you can throw yourself heart first into something you love, then eventually people are going to gravitate towards that. Once people see the time and effort you pour into something you love, then all of a sudden vast new opportunities to receive all sorts amazing things, including that smoking hot girl or guy who is out there living a life full of passion like you.  
  • Give: Call it karma, biblical principal, or just the way the universe does business, but the more you give of yourself, your time, money, love, whatever it is you think you need more of give it away freely. You begin to incorporate that kind of selflessness into your life and watch life begin to pour it back on you in amazing ways

     So the next time that little asshole Not Enough comes knocking on your door, I want you to remember life is full of infinite possibilities and everything you need is already within you and your grasp. So tell him to fuck off you have more than enough already!

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Best of life, Kris